Seminars and Resources

What are macros?

Confused by the term macro? Learn about macronutrients here.

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

What on earth do you eat before and after a workout?


How to read a nutritional label.

Eating out

The best options on the go

Hydration for Running

How much to drink, pre, post and during a run.

Where to eat in NYC?

Want to know where to eat in Lower Manhattan and be able to track it too?

How to TravelFit

Vacation? Work Travel? Here are our top tips on how to travel, without throwing your health and fitness out the aeroplane window!

The "How To" on Eating and Travelling

Learn how to choose the right options, whilst staying social and enjoying cultural experiences.


Avoiding Jetlag

Travelling for hours? We've got health, fitness and nutrition tips that will keep you from being a zombie when you land in your destination!

What is a Refeed?

What does Refeed actually mean?


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