Athlete Options


  • Personalized macronutrient programming

  • Initial zoom consult

  • Food planning advice

  • Training advice

  • 1x Weekly check in

  • 1x Monthly zoom check in

  • Consistent online support

  • Access to online "members only" area

  • Exclusive access to recipes and education

  • 3 month minimum commitment

  • 200 p/month

Best for:

  • Accountability for consistency

  • Food advice

  • Those with a pre understanding of macronutrients

  • Experienced competitors/athletes



  • Educational booklet and guidance on understanding macros, how to use My Fitness Pal and creating food programmes

  • Personalized food plans

  • Personalized macronutrient programming

  • 2x weekly checks ins

  • Personalized training programmes

  • Supplementation recommendations

  • Access to online "members only" area

  • Exclusive access to recipes and education

  • Personalized education, tasks and assistance with mindset and controlling the 5 factors of health

  • Assistance with competition day, photoshoot or contest prep day advice

  • Assistance with posing techniques

  • Education on reverse dieting and maintenance

  • 1 week reverse dieting program

  • Consistent online support

  • 3 month minimum commitment

  • 1400 per 3 month cycle

Best for:

  • Contest, photoshoot or athletic event preperation

  • Specific dietary plans and requirements

  • Assistance with show day, competition or photoshoot day needs (e.g posing, clothing, make up/tan advice)

  • Increasing knowledge on personal health, nutrition and macronutrients

  • Transformation physically and mentally

  • Accountability

  • Assistance with training

  • Increasing productivity 

  • Increasing general health and wellness

  • Assisting with overcoming mental barriers

  • Education on maintenance and reverse dieting

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